Rotary Drum Pump DA536 | Par Equipment

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Rotary Drum Pump

Model: DA536

Manufacturer Model No.: 440017

  • Transfer Rate: 7.5 Gallons/100 Revolutions
  • Fits Gallon Size: 15-55 Gal.
  • Body Material: Cast Iron
  • Adaptor Type: 2" Bung
  • Drum Size: Fits 15 to 55 US Gal. Drum
  • Non-sparing nozzle is ideal for transferring gasoline and diesel fuel;
  • Cast iron construction with machined cast iron vanes;
  • Dual directional operation allows pump to both empty and refill containers;
  • Fits 15 to 55-gallon drums;
  • 1 1/4" x 40" L suction tube, 2" cast iron bung nut and 1" steel discharge spout;
  • Wetted components: Steel, cast iron, Buna-N;
  • Transfer rate: approx. 7.5 gallons per 100 revolutions;
  • Weight: 17 lbs.
  • WARNING! Chemical compatibility of a drum or barrel pump should be checked for EACH LIQUID BY CHEMICAL NAME! Please contact your representative for chemical compatibility.